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About me

After finishing the university of information technology (HBO Hogere Informatica) I started working as a PHP developer at Ibuildings in 2004. After that I decided to join bax-shop, where I was a senior PHP developer from 2012 - 2015. Although I liked it, I felt the urge to go and do something a bit more meaningful for society, and so in August 2015 I joined NLvoorelkaar - a social network for volunteering work, and I've been working there as a lead developer since. Over the years I learned to enjoy public speaking and I started to become a regular face at usergroup meetings and PHP conferences all over the world.

Amongst everything else related to software development, I'm really passionate about proper software architecture, design patterns, anti-patterns, code smells, unit testing, continuous integration and keeping a birds-eye view on the project while coding, to make sure the software keeps making sense on an architectural level. I have many years of experience with all kinds of tools, like frameworks, deployment tools, version control tools, etc. But I'm a strong believer that - even though these tools are really awesome and often can solve a lot of time and problems indeed - they are still just tools. Building applications that are well designed should always be the first priority.

The mission on my blog and when I speak at conferences therefore tends to focus on convincing and educating the audience on designing and building architecturally sound applications, as well as tools that can help us to make that possible.

In my spare time I like playing guitar in my band Watt and playing tennis with my friends.

Contact information


First off, if you are a recruiter interested in contacting me, please know that I'm very happy with my current position and that I will most likely not respond to your communication. However, if you want you can subscribe to my mailinglist for recruiters, and you will be informed when I start looking for a new challenge!

Other people

You can contact me on twitter, where I'm using the handle @harrieverveer. You can also enter the contact form below to send me an e-mail. Please be sure to fill in your correct e-mail address or I won't be able to respond!